Robin S., Yellow Springs, OH

"IMPRESSIVE !!!!! I cannot say enough about the integrity of this business. A plus. John and Kristen know their VW s and they care. They are honest, detailed and customer focused. I purchased an older Beetle though them and have been treated with the utmost care. I intend to service my Beetle at this location despite the hour's field trip. Putting your vehicle into the hands of a qualified and honest mechanic justifies the round trip drive. PS the shop is meticulously maintained and vehicle information is clearly relayed with precision. Again- this is THE VW New Beetle place to go."

Sohil S.,Marysville, OH

"I have a 2004 VW 2.0 Jetta GLS. It worked amazing until on a snowy day, my window fell. I tried to contact many dealers to see and repair it. Finally found Jon's Auto, 5 miles from my home. They got my in very quickly and my window was fixed in 20 minutes with a very small fee. I appreciate his VW expertise and the way Jon and Kristen handle the business."

Kris M., Hilliard, Ohio

"I just wanted to say how great Jon and Kristen were to me when my car started acting up. I had issues with it maintaining combustion, and it wasn't terribly safe to drive (seeing how the engine would cut out whenever I eased up on the gas). Jon took the time to look at it right away, found the issue was fixed in minutes, and repaired my car right then. Things like that have had me going to Jon's Auto. Actually, I have been taking my Passat there for about 130,000 miles, I think!"

Ken and Amber T., Reynoldsburg, OH

"Jon's expertise on VWs and excellent value is what brought us to drive our Cabrio 50 minutes to get service. When you have someone work on your car that takes pride in their work, it's worth the drive. Jon has our future VW service!"


Patrick W., Bellefontaine, OH

"Jon's Auto offers any VW owner 100% satisfaction for vehicle service. Jon is fast, friendly, knowledgeable, honest and, most importantly, fairly priced. He offers service above and beyond any central Ohio VW shop. I will continue to go to him with my current VW and future one(s). Thank you for your help and time... My Golf TDI seems to be reborn. It seems to have more power and sounds better (smoother) after you did your magic. I called the dealership and they want[ed] $88/hr labor and $105 diagnostic fee. Thank you for your honesty."


Steven W., Bloomington, IN

"Jon has always been an absolute pleasure with which to work. Jon is worth the 220-mile drive from Bloomington, Indiana."


Craig R., Marysville, OH

"When I knew that it was time to replace the timing belt in my 2003 Jetta, I contacted the dealer and felt ill after my conversation with them. It just so happened that you left a flyer on my windshield promoting your services. Shortly thereafter, I brought my car to you and was thrilled with your pricing, but more importantly, I am so impressed with your VW knowledge and level of expertise. The repairs were made and my Jetta now runs like a top."


Eric I., Springfield, OH

"The drive to Jon's Auto is well worth the savings and expertise! The customer lounge is a cozy and comfortable place to hang out and watch movies while the work is being done. The flexible service hours work great for busy schedules. No more missing work or leaving early to get my car serviced. Jon's expertise is evident in the quality and professionalism of his work. He explains things in layman's terms, and is quick to respond to any follow-up questions you may have. I am thrilled to have found a certified VW/Audi service technician to keep my car on the road without having to use a dealership."


Josh D., Bremen, OH

"Jon's Auto came highly recommended to me from my brother and I now see why. Jon has saved me several hundred, if not thousands, of dollars and is as honest and straight forward as they come. It is over 100 miles one way from my home to Jon's shop, but knowing that I will get a fair deal at a fair price makes the drive worth it."

Randy L., Columbus, OH

"Well after making a late afternoon appointment for me because of my schedule (which was amazing) I arrived at the shop and was greeted by both Jon & Kristen. Jon took the time to go over my questions and concerns about my recent purchase 2000 Golf with 190k on the clock. So after our conversation Kristen showed me to a wonderful waiting room with WiFi and Netflix to pass the time. Jon took the car for a test drive and a scan. After he had given the car a good solid once over he came and talked to me about the things he thought should be addressed. He told me what he thought the priorities should be. Jon made sure I knew exactly what he thought would be the best plan and we will be working on a schedule to get all the work done. All I can say is that I would recommend Jon 100% and I will be using him for all my TDI needs."